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No freedom of choice with Windows XP SP2 update
February 27th, 2005

“Windows XP systems configured to auto update will be unable to prevent the downloading of service pack 2 from April 12 onwards, according to information available from Microsoft” (Sydney Morning Herald, February 23rd). Microsoft will force users of Windows XP to update their operating system. They will have no choice and will be unable to “prevent the change”. This company is an example of megalomania. Consumers forced to accept change. No choice. This is unbelievable. Time to change to another operating system. Get a Mac or switch to Linux. More.

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  1. yueni Says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for your picture page. I am a Singaporean who has been residing in the USA for the past 8 years. I loved your photography of my country, and I have taken a series of your pictures to show my friends what my country is like.

    I made a nine post photo essay that starts here in LiveJournal, where I primarily do my journaling. Of course, I credited you and your website. I couldn’t find any way to contact you when I first put up the Photo Essay, and so am pleased that I can do so now.

    If you don’t want me to use your pictures in this manner, please let me know: yueni @, or by leaving a comment on my LJ and I will take them down.

    Again, thank you so much for the beautiful photographs.