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Photo Essay: "Welcome to my world"
March 8th, 2005

Today it was brought to my attention that an online photo-essay that describes Singapore has been published online. The surprising thing is that all of the photographs in the photo-essay are mine and borrowed from my web site. The author finally tracked me down via this blog. I have now given the author permission to use the photographs. The creator of the photo-journal is a Singaporean now resident in the USA. She has an interesting and enriching live journal.

Anyway, the story that Yueni has written together with my photographs is quite wonderful in its simplicity and may interest you. Please follow this link to the photo-essay created by Yueni at The Sound Of Wings. I am quite touched by what Yueni has done with my photographs. She has given them a life and a feeling that I find very special.

2 Responses to “Photo Essay: "Welcome to my world"”

  1. Siang Hwee Says:

    Hi John,

    I am actually trying to contact you as I would like to ask for permission from you to use some of your photos in an e-learning project.

    Tried sending emails to the hotmail account given in PRM, which failed.

    Hope you can contact me at Thanks!

  2. Peter Chou Says:

    Hi John,

    I had a look at your photos of Singapore and I must say that you have been to places here that I have never been to, for example Pulau Sejahat. I am an avid photographer myself and I have a gallery at Do take a look and comment. There is a locked gallery and its password is seance.