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Experimenting with various audio sources
September 30th, 2007

This evening I tested four different methods for obtaining digital audio for podcasting this afternoon and I thought it would be worthwhile to simply publish the results. I used the following devices to record audio on my MacBook Pro.

Logitech Headset
Small stereo microphone
Lapel microphone
MacBook Pro built in microphone

You can see the equipment and hear the results here on my Podcast workshop page. Scroll down the page.

2 Responses to “Experimenting with various audio sources”

  1. Sue Waters Says:

    Hi John

    Interesting results with the recording using the different audio sources. Surprised that the mic on your Macbook Pro did not sound better because I felt mine is not too bad may have to test.

    The irony of it is I am sitting on my Mac and the moment… have not got around to installing my applications that support word documents so while have to wait until I am on my PC to check out your notes on how to do it using a Mac.

    I have no choice I have to teach people how to podcast on a PC — so will be very interested to read your notes as I find Audacity on a Mac easier to use than Garageband — that is probably because I am used to using it.

    Mobile Technology in TAFE

  2. John Larkin Says:

    Hi Sue

    Thanks for the comment. My first podcasting workshops in Feb 2005 were done with XML and Audacity. The workshops I do overseas, particularly Singapore, are usually on the Windows platform. I had Year 10 students making podcasts with XML back in 2005. Anyway, I found myself teaching others as opposed to using it myself.

    Here in Australia it is usually on the Mac that I conduct workshops. Later I started using Podifier as it was cross platform but it is very buggy and does not allow you to locate the destination directory via a search of your server as does Podcast Maker, etc. Podifier does not allow you to test or ping as well.

    When I conduct the podcasting workshops on the PC I use Propaganda. It is not bad yet it is not deisgned well for multiple episode management.

    On the Mac I prefer ProfCast and Podcast Maker. The GarageBand ~ iWeb podcasting combination is just a tad to complicated for teachers and students on the run. ProfCast is brilliant.

    I use Audacity when I digitise my old LPs and singles.