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Your Guide To Social E-Learning
November 13th, 2007

The Australian Flexible Learning Network has created an excellent web site that provides a guide and case studies regarding the use of social networking and bookmarking technologies in teaching and learning environments.

The web site, Your Guide To Social E-Learning, is well designed and provides audio clips, transcripts and links to a variety of case studies where blogs, podcasting and wikis have been put to work by a varietry of educators across the country.

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Kevin Lim on the OLPC project
November 11th, 2007

Fellow blogger and social technologist Kevin Lim has written an informative post about the Sugar OS that runs on the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project computer.

He reviews the Sugar OS and provides a few screenshots. Kevin shares a link to news about the OLPC project that includes a demo. Kevin also highlights the collaborative characteristics of the Sugar OS.

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Driving around Wollongong
November 11th, 2007

Shao Ping and I went out to purchase some plants for the garden and some sugar soap to clean the walls of our home before they are painted in a week or so. Anyway, the little Casio camera mentioned in the previous post was sitting on the table and I thought that it might be an idea to record the journey from our home to the store as we drove through town. That attempt failed as I must have switched off the camera as I adjusted the two rubber bands that held the camera to the front of the passenger’s sun visor.

Our second attempt, from the store through town and back home was more successful. The cricket commentary can be heard on the car radio. Australia is playing Sri Lanka as well as some interstate matches. I cropped the ending of the video before we reached our street. I wish to maintain a little anonymity.

Bird sounds in our neighbourhood
November 11th, 2007

My little Casio digital camera has a small built in voice recorder. I used it to record the bird sounds one can hear from our back yard. One tends to take these things for granted. The birds and their calls are interesting. It changes during the course of the day. Can you recognise the bird calls?

Morning bird sounds ~ 6:16AM

Midday bird sounds ~ 12:24PM

Evening bird sounds ~ 7:09PM

I have also photographed birds in our garden. Gallery One. Gallery Two.

The little Casio camera is quite handy. I always use it in my digital photography workshops with teachers in order to demonstrate how a standard digital camera can be quite handy and powerful. It is also a fully mobile podcasting studio. In addition to taking digital photographs it records video and audio. That is all one needs when out in the field.

One Week Job
November 11th, 2007

Sean Aiken did not know what he wanted to do after he graduated. He set up this web site, One Week Job, to invite employers to give him a job for one week. Sean travels to the job, does the work, conducts research and blogs the experience with a very entertaining and insightful video. His wages are donated to charity. This is inspiring. Share it with your students. I have emailed the link to all our seniors.

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