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Updates to Prisoner of War site
May 15th, 2008

Have been doing a little work on the site about my dad, Francis Xavier Larkin Snr. Added some additional links and corrected a few others this week. Presently in the process of gathering together some students to work on a similar project.

Do you have relatives who also experienced the trials and tribulations of war? Would love to hear about them.

One Response to “Updates to Prisoner of War site”

  1. Ken Allan Says:

    Kia Ora John.

    My (ex)father-in-law was a colour-sergeant, Royal Marine commandos, in the last war. I used to share his rum on weekends which was when he imbibed. Several times in our conversations he would talk of his experiences, some scary, some horrific. He obviously survived the war but not without injury though his mind and body were intact. He once led a platoon of men to their deaths. He was the only survivor simply because he had the experience in survival. This memory caused him the most grievous emotions even many years after the event. The one sentiment he always expressed was that war was such a stupid waste – of everything.

    Ka kite
    from Middle-earth