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Archaeology in the home
August 10th, 2008

Our kitchen is being replaced. On Friday our old kitchen was removed. Back to the original walls and floors. We temporarily covered the floor to prevent accidents with nails protruding from the wooden part of the floor. Parts of the wall were removed. Inside one of the wall cavities were pages from a newspaper dated March 28th, 1978. I flicked through the pages and the items that caught my eye are illustrated below.

Advertisements for calculators that still give the impression of the revolutionary and brilliant this technology. Calculations… Casio solves them scientifically! I think our family obtained its first calculator in 1977.

Then there is this advertisement for a 48cm colour television with a price tag of $599-00AUD. That was an enormous amount of money back then. That may have been equivalent to a month’s salary for many people, perhaps more. The advertiser has used a photograph of ABBA on the TV screen. Love the AM/FM transistor radio and the bedside AM/FM clock radio. You still see those clock-radios in motels.

Finally, an article about the copyright problems posed by the rich man’s new toy, the video tape recorder. The article indicated thet there would be legal battles between manufactuers, television stations and home consumers of the product. Things have certainly changed in some respects.

We are going to put a current copy of the local paper, wrapped in plastic, back in the wall cavity for the next renovators to discover years from now. I wish there was an anachronism lying around I could throw in for good measure.

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