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October 19th, 2008

Spent some time cleaning up my web site and eliminating redundant pages and resources. I cleared out about 300mb of files. Still a bit to do. Each time I conduct a workshop I create a page and link to the resources required by the participants. There has been a lot of duplication and links everywhere. I have cleaned up those pages and placed all of the resources on a single page…

Presentation and workshop documents

Then I collated a number of links on my Web 2.0 page which had been sitting on pages elsewhere. This needs tidying up but there is some useful stuff here…

Web 2.0 workshop page

There is this page of links to various web sites and resources. This needs updating. I am not happy with it…

Web 2.0 tools and resources

Some years back I used to run workshops on establishing a web presence. I taught participants how to set up a domain, grab some server space and blog. Look at the links further down on this page. They go back a few years to 2005. Some good ones among them…

Web presence workshop

If you discover a broken link to any of the resources on my own site or elsewhere please drop us a line if you can spare a moment.

I added a Creative Commons License to all my stuff too. Share and share alike. Just let me know. That would be nice.

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