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Do you like telling stories?
October 13th, 2009

I like telling stories. What sort of stories do I like to tell? Stories about days at school, life in the ANZ Bank, stories my father told me, historic sagas and the like.

Where do stories come from? Have you ever wondered about that? Stories come from passion, imagination, experience, tragedy, success, life and death. Stories come from places you have been, places you want to be. Stories come from inside you. Stories come from people you want to be.



Stories can be ignited… by loss, joy, grief, happiness, a turning point, a decision.

Where do stories go? They can travel back in time, leap forward to the future, go deep into your heart. Stories can take you to places that you know and places that you don’t. They can be a vehicle of juxtaposition and transposition as you venture into another dimension.

Mother and daughter, Kyoto.

Mother and daughter, Kyoto.

The sad thing is that some stories never survive. They are not written down. They are not recorded. They are not remembered. They are lost… forever.

Now is the time to record those stories. The ways and means are readily available. Write a blog, record your voice on the computer, make a podcast, make a video. Not next week or next year, but now if you can. Teach your students, teach your relatives, teach your friends, teach yourself.

Do you like telling stories?

Here are some links to get you started…

Alan Levine: Wiki ~ Follow the link to 50 ways to tell a story wiki
Alan Levine: Open Discussion on 50+ ways to tell a story
Alan Levine and Bryan Alexander: Educause article on 50+ ways to tell a story ~ PDF
Alan Levine: New Media Consortium Presentation: 50 Ways to Tell a Story
Miguel Guhlin: Digital storytelling workshop wiki
Miguel Guhlin: Place based storytelling
Miguel Guhlin: Digital storytelling with web based tools Wiki
Miguel Guhlin: Voicethread Tutorial
Matthew Needleman: Digital Storytelling Blog Carnival #1 and #2
Educational Origami ~ Voicethread Tutorial
Web 2.0 Storytelling Wiki
Center for Digital Storytelling
Digital Storytelling Toolkit
Instructify: Digital Storytelling
Keeping the Mood Light: Digital Storytelling
Open Thinking: Center for Future Storytelling
The Art of Storytelling
International Day of Sharing Life Stories

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5 Responses to “Do you like telling stories?”

  1. Alexandra Francisco Says:

    Hi Mr. Larkin,
    Thank you for putting together this awesome collection of links. I truly believe in the educational power of digital storytelling and I try to use in class as often as I can. If I may I’d like to add one more link to your collection Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

  2. Darcy Moore Says:

    Hi John,

    A great post, I fee inspired!

    BTW You sure look like your Dad!

    Darcy :O))

  3. Tweets that mention Do you like telling stories? -- Says:

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by AWooldridge (storyt) and John Larkin, Mrs D. Mrs D said: √√RT @Darcy1968 I really like @john_larkin 's blog- wealth of teaching resources-lovely post about digital storytelling [...]

  4. John Larkin Says:

    Thank you Alexandra and Darcy for your thoughts and kind words. Thanks for the excellent link Alexandra! That is a great site! I have added a link to that site on my Web 2.0 Workshop page.
    I always enjoy running the digital storytelling workshop. The participants always seem to have an enjoyable time.
    Cheers, John.

  5. Bryan Alexander Says:

    What a fine post, John. And thank you for the link.