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I removed the adverts and counter
May 7th, 2006

I removed the adverts and counter. That was an experiment. I was not overly impressed. I obtained better information about the site from stats supplied by my web host and google. I updated the links page as well and made some slight cosmetic changes to the site.

Placed a counter on the menu page
April 4th, 2006

I placed a counter on the menu page. I used the ‘control panel’ facility that is part of the web hosting arrangement. Well, two hits so far. I am curious to see how many hits the site gets.

Experiment with Google Advertising
April 4th, 2006

I have registered with Google AdSense and added some Google adverts at the base of a number of pages. I am curious to see just how much revenue the adverts generate. If they generate any income I shall use that to pay for the web space hosting.

Additional scripts and links
April 2nd, 2006

I added some scripts that redirect users to the home page in the event of broken links, frame issues and missing pages. I placed some significant links on the home page for easy access.

Who are these six AIF POWs?
April 1st, 2006

My father had this photograph of six AIF diggers taken at Ohamma, Japan on or about the 21st August, 1945. This was following their liberation. Can anyone help me with their names?