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Singapore February 2005 Day Seven
February 27th, 2005

I walked around Mount Sophia, Mackenzie Road and Short Street area of Singapore taking photographs. I often went through Mackenzie Road in a taxi and I had promised myself I would photograph some of the old buildings there. A bypasser advised that I should walk around the Sophia Road area.

The flight home was better than the flight to but as always there was a bunch of thoughtless, noisy imbeciles who do not realise that the majority of passengers want to sleep when it is 4:30AM in the morning. Well, I got that off my chest. Last time I fly British Airways by choice.

One Response to “Singapore February 2005 Day Seven”

  1. Says:

    Mr Larkin thank you for the time and energy you have put into your photo’s,I found them by accident and have enjoyed them.
    What I would like is to (1) link them to my web site that I am learning to do (2)use them at our church in the Illawarra as backdrops to our music overheads and show visitors what is in our area.