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Lizard saliva dessert dish was a delight!
April 25th, 2008

Last Saturday afternoon Alan Soong, a friend of mine in Singapore, took Westley Field and myself on a tour around Kampong Glam and Arab Street [Gallery]. During the afternoon, as the heat increased, after all, Singapore is only about 1.5 degrees north of the equator, we decided that a cool dessert was in order.

We took an air-conditioned taxi to Liang Seah Street, between North Bridge Road and Beach Road. Alan led us to a classy little establishment. It was called “Remember Me”. [I had forgotten the name as I was writing this post and coincidentally Alan has just come on via Skype to plan some future workshops at NTU. He reminded me of the name of the eatery. How could I possibly forget?]

We three sat down at a table. We perused the menu and we ordered our rather exotic dishes. We consumed a variety of desserts. I had a red bean dessert. Yum.

Then Alan pointed out this dessert called Hashimi which included lizard saliva as an ingredient. Westley wondered what process was involved in securing saliva from a lizard. I kept envisioning the skinks and blue-tongue lizards that inhabit our garden. Of course there are larger “lizards” like Malayan Water Monitors (Varanus Salvator ~ don’t ask me why I remember that) or even the Komodo Dragons with their bacteria laced saliva.

Anyway, I ordered a bowl. It arrived on the table. The dish had a lid.

I carefully took the lid off the dish.

It looked quite fine. There were these wispy, ghostly remnants in the jelly. Was that the saliva?

Anyway, I ate the whole lot.

It was rather tasty. I enjoyed the dish. I will not be looking for lizards in our garden to milk them of their saliva. The proof is in the pudding.

Mac Meetup in Singapore, April 18th, 2008.
April 25th, 2008

Last week at the conclusion of the workshops at NTU I climbed into a taxi and made my way to Suntec City in the heart of Singapore. I headed down to the basement and to McDonald’s. Yes, McDonalds. That is where members of the Macintosh Evangelists at Nanyang gathered. [I had attempted to add a hyperlink to the acronym, Me@n, but the post editor would not let me.]


The old hands share some sage advice

It was a great evening. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I even consumed a cheeseburger and some chips (French Fries). We talked about everything under the sun. Politics, publishing, pricing, food, travels, countries, life and Macs, among other topics. I met some new members and caught up with some old members. I think I was the oldest member there, in terms of age, not membership. There were a variety of Macs present, a few cameras and a pair of B&O earphones that I had received from Singapore Airlines as a gift


The jury listen intently

Now, I think, the following tasteful people attended the meetup: Puay Ann, Ivor, Laurence, Kenneth, John (sg), Choon Chai, Kian Chai, Hanx, Yezdi, Colin, Kevin, Hamish, Julian, Jermyn, Marcus, Benson, John Larkin and Siva. I hope I did not make a mistake with the names on the gallery. Please correct me if I am wrong.

There are also galleries of the event created by Laurence and Kenneth. I have created galleries of earlier meetups:| April 12th, 2005 | April 13th, 2004 | November 9th, 2002 |

I look forward to the next one in July! Will you be there?

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Singapore ~ before & after
April 25th, 2008

During the last couple of trips to Singapore I have managed to photograph a few places I had visited while I lived in Singapore and as a result a few before & after opportunities have presented themselves. Singapore is constantly changing, constantly.

Sometimes the past is preserved. At other times the past disappears.  Let me share three simple examples.

1. The corner of Club Street and Ann Siang Road


Visit site: The Pasir Ris Mercury


Visit gallery.

2. Kampong Glam


Visit gallery.


Visit gallery.

3. Sultan Gate ~ Abandoned property


Visit gallery.


Visit gallery.

New galleries added to site
April 25th, 2008

During the last couple of days I have sorted through photographs taken during my last two trips to Singapore in February and April of this year. I still have a few photographs to organise. I have created a number of new galleries and added them to the galleries of my main web site.

April 2008 ~ Singapore

Kampong Glam and Arab Street with Alan and Westley.
Workshop at Singapore Airlines Training Centre.
Hwa Chong Institution Workshop and Presentation.
Macintosh Meet-up with the team from Me@n.
Nanyang Technological University ~ Read-Write Web Workshops and Presentation.

February 2008 ~ Singapore

Friends and Food ~ eating out with Tom Reeves, Westley Field, Siva, Airani, Anand, Vivien and Sheryl.
Good To Great 2008 Teaching and Learning Seminar, Nanyang Technological University.
Hougang Primary School.
Hougang Primary School Podcasting Workshops.
Views of Singapore from the Peninsular Hotel. Day and night.
Changi International Airport ~ The new T3 Terminal.
First flights on the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380.

There were a number of other catch-ups with friends and culinary delights that I am going to blog about specifically in the near future, so please stay posted.

Blogging via Flock to my self-hosted WordPress blog
April 24th, 2008

Well, I would like to thank several people and two organisations. First of all I would like to thank Evan Hamilton and Jen Anderberg at Flock. They have worked tirelessly to assist myself to allow Flock to blog posts to my self-hosted wordpress blog. Evan and Jen, you are beautiful!

With their guidance it was figured out that one of my files needed tweaking. We verified the permissions on the xmlrpc.php were correct and determined that we needed to ensure that the host would allow requests to that file.

I contacted the support at my host, ICDSoft, and they confirmed that I needed to modify the mod-security rule on that file. I needed to add some code to my .htaccess file in the root directory. I did so and here I am blogging from within the Flock browser. Excellent.

Thanks Evan, Jen at Flock and the team at ICDSoft!

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