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Blogging via Flock to my self-hosted WordPress blog
April 24th, 2008

Well, I would like to thank several people and two organisations. First of all I would like to thank Evan Hamilton and Jen Anderberg at Flock. They have worked tirelessly to assist myself to allow Flock to blog posts to my self-hosted wordpress blog. Evan and Jen, you are beautiful!

With their guidance it was figured out that one of my files needed tweaking. We verified the permissions on the xmlrpc.php were correct and determined that we needed to ensure that the host would allow requests to that file.

I contacted the support at my host, ICDSoft, and they confirmed that I needed to modify the mod-security rule on that file. I needed to add some code to my .htaccess file in the root directory. I did so and here I am blogging from within the Flock browser. Excellent.

Thanks Evan, Jen at Flock and the team at ICDSoft!

Blogged with the Flock Browser

2 Responses to “Blogging via Flock to my self-hosted WordPress blog”

  1. Evan Hamilton Says:

    Thanks John! We really appreciate your patience during a frustrating bug, and we certainly don’t mind being called beautiful. :)

    Keep on Flocking and Rolling,

    Evan Hamilton
    Flock Community Ambassador

  2. John Larkin Says:

    Evan and also Jen,

    You are both more than welcome!

    Cheers, John