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The end of the week as we know it
November 10th, 2005

“The Prime Minister has urged Australians to recognise the demise of the five-day working week.” (SMH 10th Nov). Does that mean he is planning to introduce a working week of four days or less for all Australians? Ha!

He pontificates that “..the world has changed from the days when we were a five-day-a-week society…”. Many employers and business owners are happy to work seven days a week. That is their right. But why should we allow these people to inflict their lifestyle choices and work ethics upon the rest of society via Howard’s retrograde IR reforms?

Howard and political leaders all around the world should resolve to find ways to universally reduce the working hours of all people on the planet. Not increase the working week! What sort of an insane world is this?

Will the term ‘week’ cease to have any meaning in the future? Will the weekend evolve into the ‘monthend’ or ‘yearend’ in the brave new world that is Howard’s vision for Australia?

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