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Cronulla riots not racist?! Wake up Howard!
December 12th, 2005

T-shirts that read “Ethnic Cleansing Unit” and SMS messages that read “bash wogs and lebs” not racist!? John Howard is an imbecile. The sooner he retires or is removed from public office the better.

It was probably the Liberal voters of the Sutherland shire that bred the rioters that shamed this country on Sunday afternoon.

7 Responses to “Cronulla riots not racist?! Wake up Howard!”

  1. Jingoism and racism rears its ugly head again… Says:

    [...] “20 years from now history text books will set out Pauline Hanson, Howard, Ruddock, Vanstone and Downer together with their US inspired politics of fear and a jingoistic approach to foreign policy as the background causes for the riots at Cronulla and Maroubra. Ten years of conservative Liberal Party government, the shame that is Pauline Hanson, jingoistic foreign policies, inhumane immigration detention centres, the baby overboard debacle, illegal deportations, and the jewel in the crown… the Cronulla Race Riots. [...]

  2. john Says:

    If you think these pieces of sh*t didnt deserve being bashed, then YOU need to wake up and see what sgoing on around you.
    I have lived in this country since i was born 36 years ago and we never had any of this kind of trouble until the middle eastern trash invaded this once beautif and so called “lucky country”.
    Now its a wog dump for the rest of the world.
    If you think these Australians did something wrong by bashing this trash then you should go to their country and try the same crap they do here and see how many times you get hit.
    You wont get thats right ! they would shoot you instead.
    So wake up and get a decent argument.

  3. John Larkin Says:

    John, I read what you have had to say. I can read how you perceive it yet I see it quite differently. Thanks for the comment.

  4. kylie Says:

    I read what John said, if you are that mad at what Lebanese are doing to YOUR PEOPLE and YOUR COUNTRY, well just imagine how Indigenous Australias feel, when Austraila was a dumping ground, for the English crimials.

    What a laugh thanks John!

  5. Jay Says:

    I’m doing an assignment on the Cronulla riots for university. It would appear that there are so many different ideas as to whats happened. I would advise you that there is lots more to the story than what meets the eye.
    Yes i do/could agree that SOME of the attacks were race related, but all in all, i was just Aussie kids protecting what we love and care for so much. Our beach and our women. Lets face it, that why we live here.

  6. John Larkin Says:


    “Just Aussie kids protecting what we love and care for so much”.

    You have no idea how much damage the Cronulla riots did to Australia’s reputation overseas.

    Assignment mark: 0/10

  7. Simon Says:

    If any of you have visited Cronulla you will notice that when you drive over the Taren Point bridge there is a huge bowl covering the whole shire. Inside this bowl you will notice fish. They liked to be called larrikins or aussie legends. These people unfortunatly have never travelled, never experienced other cultures. They hate change and are wickedly narrow minded. They are the Children of John Howard and Pauling Hanson.( What beautiful children.) Their necks are so red it looks like Paulin Hanson strangled them. Why is it that the deep south of anywhere are racists.. Alabama and Cronulla. The problems of binge drinking, drug taking bashings in Cronulla are frightening…FISH LISTEN UP. ITS A SOCIAL PROBLEM. YOU ARE KNOWN WORLD WIDE AS A BUNCH A RACIST FISH