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Nikon D70 getting serviced
April 26th, 2006

My Nikon D70 is getting cleaned. Yesterday some dust got into the camera when I was changing lenses and the cleaning job is a bit too tricky for me. I did some research on the Internet and decided it was best to get a professional to do the job.

Anyway I dropped into Wollongong Camera House in the mall in Crown Street, Wollongong and asked if they could clean the camera. They said they could not. I took off the cover on the camera body and I mentioned it was simply dust and probably not the sensor. As I took off the cover the shop assistant exclaimed repeatedly like a little child, “No, no, no, no!” She was so peculiar and her reaction resulted in my comment “Is there anyone in Wollongong who can repair a camera?” That is the last time I go to Wollongong Camera House. She was ignorant of her business. They sell digital cameras. They should at least know what is involved in cleaning and servicing the product that they sell.

We went to Jens Madsen in upper Crown Street. The service was excellent and they knew what they were talking about. The camera will be in good hands.

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  1. Candice Lim Says:

    Hi John, it’s Candice again. I forgot to leave my email addy earlier: Please write me at Thanks!

  2. steven Says:

    I may be too late, but this article on cleaning sensors might still be of interest to you.