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Referrer Spam Part 2
June 16th, 2007

Not long back the stats file for my domain was attacked by referrer spam and the end result of that was my page rank in Google was lowered and my email filtered out by some organisations. I protected the stats files and created a .htacess file to begin bouncing the referrer spam back.

Anyway, I did a whois lookup for all of the domains responsible for the referrer spam and they all have a single Registrar that is
Go Daddy Software Inc and the registrant is Domains By Proxy, Inc.

The individual that owns the Go Daddy Inc company is Bob Parsons. I cannot help but think of Bob from Bob’s Country Bunker in the Blues Brothers movie. He has a blog at His blog’s banner features a picture of him (the lights are on but no one is at home?), a big motorbike, girls in tank tops, a 4WD and, you guessed it, the star spangled banner. Get the idea?

Domains By Proxy Inc protects the identity of the real owners of the domains. When you visit their web site there are two links on the home page as follows: “If You Are Law Enforcement ~ Click Here” and the other is “For our subpoena policies click here”. It makes you wonder where one should draw the line when it comes to privacy and the rights of the individual. Are they really protecting the privacy of individuals and families or are they actually providing a cover for the owners of web sites that represent the ugly side of the Internet?

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