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CD volume name changes from one device to next…
July 26th, 2007

Hi all

A friend “burnt” an audio CD and when it is placed in different devices its volume name as well as the single audio file name included on the audio CD changes. Here is his description of the problem…

1. Audio recording made on iBook #1
2. File burnt to CD on iBook #1. Name of CD is “Audio CD”
3. CD tested on iMac desktop computer and volume name appears as Paris which is the name of a previous disc burnt on the iMac.
4. Same CD tested on iBook #1 volume appears as Jo Logan -the name of the previous burn on iBook #1.
5. CD tested on MacBook Pro appears as “Audio CD”.
6. On each occasion the recording plays as recorded but volume and file names change.

Has anyone seen this problem before?

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