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Podcast workshop updated
September 30th, 2007

The NavCon conference is on this week and I have been updating my Podcast Workshop pages. I modified my presentation and created new documents for GarageBand, Podcast Maker and ProfCast. I also created a detailed document concerned with audio settings on the Macintosh.

3 Responses to “Podcast workshop updated”

  1. Sue Waters Says:

    Hi John

    I am new to the Mac and normally have to use a PC for podcasting. Can you tell me why you teach audio podcasting with a Mac and video podcasting using MovieMaker?

    Mobile Technology in TAFE

  2. John Larkin Says:

    Hi Sue

    On a Mac I would simply use Quicktime to record video directly from the “File” menu… select “New video recording”. It is simple. One could use iMovie on a Mac as well to make the video for a vodcast. I have not uploaded workshop items to describe the process as yet. I am doing some new mac worksheets on that today. I would use Podcast Maker to publish the vodcast. The Quicktime ~ Podcast Maker combination is the simplest.

    All of my vodcast workshops to date have been on the Windows platform. As a result all of my materials are Windows based. I have used Windows Moviemaker in the workshops at it is free and comes with the OS. It’s publishing output is limited in terms of file type.

    If I was to use the Windows platform to make vodcasts all the time I would use Adobe Premiere Elements to make the video. Excellent value for money. I would then simply blog the video and set up a RSS feed.

    Are you aware of any free “podcasting” software on the WIndows platform that allows easy vodcast publishing Sue?



  3. Sue Waters Says:

    Apologies John I use co-mment to track my comments and I must be too impatient with my clicking so it has not been tracking all my comments which meant I failed to realise that you had responded.

    Well I have no choice but to teach with MovieMaker as Macs are not supported in TAFE here and this is the application that most participants will have access to.

    My solution has been to use podomatic to host my podcasts but I find if you want them to play properly on ipods it is best to convert from .wmv to .mp4 format before uploading.

    Mobile Technology in TAFE