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How can a teacher integrate Web 2.0 technologies into the curriculum?
October 30th, 2007

Who do you teach? Primary school aged students? Secondary school students? Tertiary students? I teach secondary schools students. I teach history. I have also taught a number of other subjects. How can you integrate Web 2.0 technologies into a teaching and learning programme? How can you weave Web 2.0 tools into your lessons. I have some ideas I would like to share.

Recently I developed a teaching programme that I would like to call an Integrated Teaching and Learning Unit. It is incomplete. A work in progress.

It covers three different key learning areas (KLA) of the syllabus taught in secondary schools in NSW, Australia. The three KLAs are History, Geography and Technology & Applied Science (TAS). A number of Web 2.0 technologies are incorporated into the teaching unit. They include:

Google Reader
Google Maps

Additional tools include Excel, Photoshop and Comic Life for example. The ITLU is designed for a unit entirely conducted in a school with a One To One computing environment.

I am yet to develop assessment tools for the project. The teaching programme is designed to cover five weeks with 2 hours devoted to the project each school day.
Feel free to explore the sample ITLU which I have also linked to my Web 2.0 web page. I would like to hear what you do in your schools to embed Web 2.0 technologies in your curriculum. Feel free to provide feedback on the programme.

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