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How to get your twitters and blogging into top gear
December 23rd, 2007

I have been catching up on my reading and procastinating a little at the same time. But, to get to the point. Sue Waters and Michelle Martin have written simply excellent posts about Twitter and blogging respectively. They actually compose excellent posts all of the time and I wonder if I will ever manage to do the same. I can only hope.

Sue Waters posted some excellent advice on how to manage your twitter community and how to keep relatively on top of it all. Sue’s advice is practical and straightforward. Her advice is always useful. I haven’t been watching Twitter that much in the last week or so but I shall see if I can manage a Twitter moment each day and see what crops up.

Michelle’s post last week was on why people do not comment on your blog. I read her advice closely of course as I do not attract many comments. I am not that paranoid about it but it would be nice to obtain more comments. I will follow her advice and make some changes to my blog and writing style. Michelle has written a great follow up post as well.

Maybe my writing is too scientific. Perhaps it is too academic? Is it boring? Is my writing clear? Is it too verbose? Enough.

Frankly, I would like to let go and post about life at work and what I see happening at school and in the local area vis-à-vis educational technology however I felt that would simply become a rant. So, my present goal is to converge my two separate career backgrounds, history and technology, and focus my blogging in that area. I shall try and merge with other other history~ humanities educators and build up a community that way. I will of course write about the tools but at least attempt to add a curriculum example as part of the tool review.

Do yourself a favour and read Sue’s definitive post on Twitter and Michelle’s invaluable post on blogging. Don’t forget to tag their posts in and share them via Google Reader and the like!

2 Responses to “How to get your twitters and blogging into top gear”

  1. Sue Waters Says:

    Hi John

    Thanks for such kind words about my post on twitter. The whole key to comments is such a hard one. Definitely helps to build up a community of readers which is probably the hardest work. The 31 Day Blogging Project really helped me by improving my ability to write, manage comments and build up a readership. While it is nice to get comments you also need to satisfy the need to write on topics that interest you. I think having a regular posting schedule helps also.

    PS sorry for taking so long to drop past but Christmas holidays has made me a bit slack.


  2. John Larkin Says:

    You are welcome Sue. I sense that Twitter is a tool that is just right for you. I enjoy working this blog and discovering ways that I can rework and/or fine tune the thing. I am still tweaking the theme and I need to correct parts of the style sheet.

    You have not been slack Sue,,, you have been on holidays and I sense that you really deserve your holidays! Thank you for your feedback Sue,

    Best wishes, John