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Literally clearing the decks…
January 25th, 2008

Well, I have over 200 items that remain unread in Google Reader. This is my first post in 5 days. It will not be earth shattering.

My wife and I finally finished setting up the living room. We moved about 900 books and filled three bookcases. We moved the desk upstairs. We applied these little pads to the feet and bases of all our furniture so that the freshly sanded and oiled floorboards would not be scratched. We finished all of that on Wednesday morning and we took it easy, enjoying the moment.

Yesterday we removed all the outdoor furniture and pot plants from our outside deck. I sanded back most of the flaws and water stains. I then cleaned the deck with a solution. Once that had dried we applied a coat of natural decking oil. Shao Ping did a lot of the fiddly bits and I brushed on the main coat with a lambswool applicator attached to the end of a broom handle. This morning I was up early and redid the fiddly bits with an old towel and then applied a second coat. We used 30 litres of decking oil in total. It is a big deck.

Now, yesterday fine weather was forecast. Today that has changed to chance of a shower…. please do not rain!

I managed to win a couple of old David Bowie records on eBay in between coats. Normal blogging will resume in a day or two.

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