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Twitter surprise from Flocker
March 23rd, 2008

About a day or so ago I exchanged a couple of brief notes via Twitter with edublogger par excellence Clay Burrell regarding the Flock browser. I mentioned that I liked Flock but was disappointed that I could not post directly to my self- hosted WordPress blog. It has trouble recognising the api I think. Prior to that I could post directly to my old Blogger blog. It is a neat tool as you automatically gather the urls and images into the post via Flock’s excellent feature set.

Well, I was glancing through my tweets this morning and here is this tweet from the Flock team asking how can they help with my Flock problem. That is amazing. I wasn’t even following Flock.

Think about it. If I had commented on my Mac or something to do with Microsoft Office would I have received a tweet from those organisations? I replied and I now await their response.

Update: Monday 24th March. Flock replied to my twitter response and provided me with the email address of one of their staff members. Excellent service!

2 Responses to “Twitter surprise from Flocker”

  1. Clay Burell Says:

    Wow indeed. That’s customer care :) Tweet me if they fix it?

    You’ve got a really nice space here, by the way, populated with first-rate writing, thinking, creativity.

  2. John Larkin Says:

    Hi Clay,
    Thanks for the comment and also the compliment. Much appreciated. I will keep you up to date re Flock. I had just checked in to my email to reply to Flock and your post came up for moderation. I will keep you posted,
    Cheers, John.