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Where we are at and what we are about
April 6th, 2008

Doug Belshaw’s excellent post, The Map Is Not The Territory: the changing face of the edublogosphere, generated an idea that a list of significant blog posts should be created so that bloggers new to the field can receive valuable insights and good exemplars of education blogging. Well, this morning, or last night, Doug posted that the project had begun with the help of Scott McLeod of Dangerously Irrelevant fame.

Scott has created page for such blog posts at the wiki Moving Forward. You can add links to significant and thought provoking blog posts to the wiki. Doug specified three practical and I feel rather sensible guidelines when creating an entry. They are as follows:

1. Don’t spam the wiki by adding lots of links to your own blog. That’s not cool at all.
2. If you don’t think a blog post should be included, use the strikethrough formatting feature and explain why.
3. Include only those that talk about pedagogically-oriented concepts and ideas, not just those that talk about cool ways to use Web 2.0 tools.

This is a good idea. Newer bloggers can dip into these posts. Perhaps a second wave of discussion will be generated as original thoughts are given a new beginning. They can give all of us a chance to focus on where we are at and what we are about.

I added a post by Clay Burell, On Leaving Teaching to Become a Teacher.

I simply tagged this post Teaching. That is what it is about.

4 Responses to “Where we are at and what we are about”

  1. Scott McLeod Says:

    Thanks for publicizing the Moving Forward wiki. Much appreciated. The more folks that contribute, the better it will be!

  2. John Larkin Says:

    You are welcome Scott. I think that specific web page and the rich set of resources on the other pages are excellent.
    Cheers, John.

  3. Doug Belshaw Says:

    Hi John,

    I echo what Scott’s already said – thanks for publicising this. The more people who are involved, the better! :-)

  4. John Larkin Says:

    That is fine Doug. I really think it is a good idea. Gathering together in a single place a collection of thoughtful posts that galvanized such a diversity of educators is a positive and constructive move.
    Cheers, John.