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Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
April 24th, 2008

I finally purchased Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ latest album, Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! It has been out since March. I was waiting until I knew I could sit down and simply listen. Here I am sat, next to the cat, alone and free of disturbance. Tracks on the album remind me of the Mercy Seat, Tupelo and songs from Abattoir Blues. Some of the tracks simply rock while others stroll languidly along with a sideways glance across the street if you follow.

Photography by Lilith Delilah

I admire Nick Cave. He is an independent beast with a considerable intellect. His lecture series on the Secret Life of the Love Song provide insights for students and songsmiths alike.

Other albums I recommend by Cave if you wish to give him a listen include The Boatman Calls, Nocturama, The Lyre of Orpheus and No More Shall We Part. A couple of my favourite tracks include Into My Arms, Breathless and Red Right Hand.


Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
Nick Cave Online 

Wikipedia entry: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Photograph by Lilith Delilah.  Adelaide, 2007. Some rights reserved.
Now playing, and dedicated to Clay Burell: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – We Call Upon The Author
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5 Responses to “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!”

  1. Clay Burell Says:

    Now it’s my turn to split my face with toothiness.

    I almost sang Into My Arms at my wedding, but didn’t think the inlaws would understand. So beautiful.

    Wanted my ex-band to cover Red Right Hand (have you seen the God is in the House DVD?), but they didn’t get it (and they say they’re rockers).

    Wanted my ex-ex-band in Shanghai to take on Breathless, but without those African flutes it sounded bare (and Cave is so Blakean and Keatsian with his voice and imagery there, I’m not sure anybody else can come close to the studio version anyway).

    Babe, You Turn Me On turns me on, straight-wise.

    Love Letter, Darker with the Day come to mind too.

    So rich.

    And the Word Made Flesh lecture – what a portrait of the artist (and theologian – I’ve seen his theological insights quoted in academic works) as a young man.

    Have you seen his cameo in the early Bradd Pitt movie, Johnny Suede? A classic.

    Thanks for brightening a Thursday :)

  2. John Larkin Says:

    Hi Clay,

    Into My Arms is a classic. Shao Ping and I are yet to celebrate a white wedding in a western sense and that song is still on the list.

    I saw Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds perform at the State Theatre in Sydney back in 1997. The highlight of the evening was Red Right Hand in my opinion. The lighting and the emphasis on the percussion was simply brilliant.

    I have a couple of DVDs including God Is In The House. What can I say? Haven’t seen the cameo appearance. I shall seek it out.

    Thinking of you Clay, Cheers, John.

  3. Clay Burell Says:

    oh goodness, if i implied my ex-ex-band (Shanghai – we were called “mama huhu” – ask Shaoping ;-) ) makes a “cameo” in GIITH, what a goof. I meant there’s a performance of Red Right Hand in it (I think it’s that one) that’s brilliant. From the sound of your description of the Sydney concert, possibly the same tour?

    There’s also a great performance of the Curse of Millhaven on that dvd. God, what a chilling song.

    Thanks again for the invitation to stop and hear the (thorny, red) roses.

  4. John Larkin Says:

    Hi Clay, No… I was referring not to your band’s ‘famous cameo’ but to Cave’s cameo in the Brad Pitt movie. I am yet to see that. ^_^

    The God Is In The House gig has a similar feel to the concert that we saw in 1997. Actually the bonus CD, Live At The Royal Albert Hall is from 1997.

    Now Clay, which instrument do your play?

    Cheers, John.

  5. John Larkin Says:

    Hi Clay,

    Just sat down with Shao Ping over breakfast and I asked her about the name of your band, “mama huhu”. She explained that it literally means “horse horse tiger tiger” yet combined translates into “fair to middling”. Now, what does that exactly refer to? The musicianship, the setlist or were you all born in the year of the horse or tiger?,

    Cheers, John