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Social bookmarking works for me!
July 12th, 2008

If you have read my previous three posts you will realise that I am presently working in Singapore. Conducting a number of workshops. Yesterday I conducted a workshop that was organised by Keith See from the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.

Read~write web workshop, Singapore, July 11th 2008.

I had received an email from Keith in early April of this year inquiring about Web 2.0 workshops. I assumed that Keith may have attended my presentation at the Good To Great Teaching Seminar here in Singapore last February and found out about my work as a result of that.

Yesterday, being curious, I asked Keith how did he track me down. Keith replied that he had found me via a Google search on Web 2.0 related topics (workshops, Singapore) and it was my bookmarking site that had first caught his eye and then my site. I was amazed to hear that. Good old bookmarks. Social bookmarking works for me!

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