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Read a newspaper lately?
January 10th, 2009

Do you enjoy reading the newspaper? I particularly enjoy sitting down in a place where I can spread out with a broadsheet sized newspaper like The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald or the Straits Times. I once lived in a flat with a north facing balcony. Stretching out on the living room floor on a Saturday with the winter sun streaming in from the north was such a simple joy. The Herald would be spread around the floor. I would flick from this section to that.

I do not read the paper in any particular order. I might start with the readers’ letters and the editorial. I may then begin reading the news. Taking in the words of the journalists is always enjoyable. The variety, the depth, the photography. 

Turning the pages. Turning back. Reading the words. Looking at the photographs. Which article should I read first? Which next?

Feeling the paper, getting print on my fingers. Skimming paragraphs. Then there are the comic strips. The Wizard of ID, BC, Hagar The Horrible and so on. There may also be crossword puzzles or similar to pose a challenge. Concert reviews, film reviews, travel destinations, readers’ photos. There is so much material to digest. I would make little discoveries along the way. 

Reading the newspaper can be like opening a present. You never know what to expect. Sure, you know you are receiving a gift but what will it actually be?

Year ago I had a colleague that always headed to the obituaries first of all. Imagine reading your own obituary! I think the readers’ letters always get my attention straight up. Written a few myself over the years. Topics that have driven me to wield the pen have included our former PM John Howard, racism and immaculate utes with metallic paint jobs.

The Internet is a mighty handy bit of gear but I hope the newspaper manages to survive… at least on a weekly basis.

If newspapers were to disappear what would you miss?

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