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Leadership versus power
February 14th, 2010

Politicians, politicians….

Leadership and power. The two go hand in hand yet both are different. Quite different.

Leadership can inspire. Power on its own cannot.

Power can cause change. Power can do good. Power can do bad. Power can corrupt.

People sometimes find themselves in a position of leadership yet they fail to grasp the meaning of the tern ‘leadership’. They exercise power yet they do not exercise leadership. They do not inspire. Those that follow do not do so by choice. They do not follow due to inspiration.

Those in a position of leadership must rise up beyond the self and consider the community. Leadership must inspire.

It is the difference between a politician and a statesman. Politicians merely attempt to exercise power. Statesmen lead. Not too sure if any of Australia’s crop of politicians in Canberra could be considered statesmen. As for those New South Wales, well, what can I say?

Photo credit: Leadership.