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QR Code put to the test
July 5th, 2008

Just completed an iChat with Westley Field. He is a much traveled chap. He is in London doing this and that. Anyway, here he is, having breakfast with Richard Millward, an educator delving into learning, technology and its development through his research and development work with Core Education UK and the IDIBL project in the Institute for Educational Cybernetics at the University of Bolton.

Good morning gentlemen

Richard and I laughed about our foreheads. I then sent Westley, via iChat, the link to my previous post about QR Codes and asked Westley and Richard to check out my forehead replete with my blog’s QR Code.

I explianed QR Codes to Westley and to my surprise Richard grabbed his phone which had software capable of reading QR Codes. He pointed his mobile phone at the QR code on my blog and, on cue, my blog appeared on Richard’s mobile phone. Now, I think that is quite neat.

Proof of concept ~ the QR Code pointed to my blog

We chatted a bit and I provided Westley with some pointers for a presentation he must be doing later. I have a knack at being in the right place at the right time when it comes to Westley. And vice versa.

How did I create this post? I took the screen shots of the iChat session using SharpShooter. I imported the images into Comic Life and added the word balloons, etc. I exported the Comic as a jpeg image and then resized each image it in Adobe Photoshop Elements and exported it using the Save For Web… option which allows you to fine tune file size and quality. I used CyberDuck to upload the two images.

4 Responses to “QR Code put to the test”

  1. Westley Says:

    You never cease to amaze me Mr Larkin, so quick, thorough and professional. I will mention you in my blog when I get there, but I am one who invests in a little balance as well – entires will come in good time. Well done mate, Richard appreciated the experience.

  2. John Larkin Says:

    Thanks Westley, take it easy and catch you when you get back, cheers, John.

  3. Richard Millwood Says:

    I really enjoyed this bit of fun, and seriously plan to use QR Codes, now I have seen them work so well – thanks John.

  4. John Larkin Says:

    Thank you Richard. It was certainly fortuitous that you had the software on your mobile phone. Take care, best wishes, John