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QR Codes
July 5th, 2008


First learnt about these a few weeks back. Read about them in a newspaper somewhere and then made a mental note to follow it up. Well, an article in the Sydney Morning Herald reminded me about the QR Code so this afternoon did a Google search using these terms “QR Code your own”. Came up with a  few sites and selected this one: Kaywa QR Code Generator. There was also a generator at Winksite.

One can generate a code badge of varying sizes together with embed code and a permalink. The QR Code for this blog is displayed above.

QR Codes are not unlike bar-codes and were originally developed in Japan for use in manufacturing. Now, how can you use this code? Well, imagine this… you print a large version of your QR Code on a t-shirt. Someone points a mobile phone equipped with a camera and the QR Code reader software and scans your QR Code on your t-shirt. Then your web site, text message, mobile business card, image or whatever you create the QR Code for will appear on their phone. No searching or typing required. You could print QR Codes on your name cards.

QR Codes will appear in adverts, on billboards, CD jackets, books, restaurants, catalogues and elsewhere. I have visions of the codes being used on motor vehicle registration plates, license papers, ID cards, etc. They have been used in Japan for sometime where they have become popular among Japan’s highly mobile youth. They are now being used in Australia.

Exclusive QR Codes may be published at concerts, performances, conferences and even un-conferences. Point your suitably equipped phone at the QR Code and the relevant data will appear on your phone. QR Codes could be used in museums and other exhibitions to send data regarding displays and exhibits to the patrons’ mobile phones. It may give the term ‘point-of-sale’ a whole new meaning as you point your phone at QR coded merchandise and purchase it on the spot.

Perhaps you could your QR Code tattooed on your arm or on any other part of your exterior. The mind boggles.

Now, I wonder if I go to a different QR Code generator and attempt to create another QR Code for this blog will it be identical?

3 Responses to “QR Codes”

  1. QR Code put to the test Says:

    [...] and I laughed about our foreheads. I then sent them Westley, via iChat, the link to my previous post about QR Codes and asked Westley and Richard to check out my forehead replete with my blog’s QR [...]

  2. dean collins Says:

    lol that photo cracked me up.

    you should also point out to people that google have an api engine as part of their chart services that build dynamicly generate QR codes.

    More details on my site

    Also or those of you who aren\’t as experienced with QR usage and wanting to take advantage of the Telstra launch of to get involved check out my website where I have a “60 second QR for dummies overview”.

    Dean Collins

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