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Wikipedia verifies via Google search too
July 7th, 2008

Saw a tweet by Al Upton this afternoon. As follows:

alupton HELP … need help to validate the Fiery Red Leather margarita … needs to be googleable

I followed the link and discovered that a Wikipedia entry will be deleted if Wikipedia cannot find the term or listing in a Google search. The exact wording is as follows:

It is proposed that this article be deleted because of the following concern: Cannot find mention of drink in a Google search. Seems to fall under WP:NFT

Now, I find that unusual. The Wikipedia entry is for a Fiery Red Leather, which is a type of drink. See the entry below.

I never realised that Wikipedia used Google as one of its verification methods. I wonder if that is valid?

Let’s all save Al Upton’s Wikipedia entry by blogging about a night out drinking a Fiery Red Leather or two down at Al Upton’s Bar and Grill. Perhaps some of you more experienced drinkers could mix up one or maybe two Fiery Red Leather drinks, take a photograph and upload it to the Wikipedia page.

One Response to “Wikipedia verifies via Google search too”

  1. Ann Onnymouse Says:

    Of course googling is a good method of validating information; you look for info and check if it’s reasonable. If it is, you’ve got validation. But if you google, and find *nothing whatsoever* then you have a rather likely lack of validation.

    I think it’s cute that you guys are trying to save this article. Too bad it won’t help. You’re just gonna get the topic name protected from creation.